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Your one-stop cash flow management platform.

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Unleash instant
Working Capital

Improve your cash flow quickly, simply and smartly

Switch bank transfer and cheque payments to your credit card and take advantage of extended, interest-free payment terms on your largest monthly expenses.

Business Expenses
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Free up working capital instantly with your credit cards

Give yourself and your business more financial flexibility when you charge these expense on a credit card with Pay – ipaymy’s credit card payment platform
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Over 83% of ipaymy users improved their cash flow within the first two months.

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We support all major banks

bank of china
cimb bank
citi bank
deutsche bank
hsbc bank
mizuho bank
rhb bank
standard chartered bank
uob bank
fareastern bank
hong leong bank
ocbc bank
posb bank

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Fetch is faster.

Tired of being paid late? Let ipaymy’s AI driven invoice optimization platform get you paid is as little as two days.
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